There are many curiosities surrounding the craft of Freemasonry so we decided to take a step in order to inform more people about the craft.  We are asking Masonic Brothers to share their experience in what led them to knock on our door, our first is James Lewendowski one of our newest entered apprentices, here is his story:

Why I wanted to become a Mason, but for some the impossible just takes a little longer. My 47 year journey towards Freemasonry starts like this. When I was 24 years old, I was asked by my barber if I ever gave any thought to becoming a Mason? I’ll admit I had no idea what a Mason was. As months went by he would try to explain to me what it meant to be a Mason. I was curious. Being very young and awaiting the birth of my first son, and at the same time starting my new career as an Albuquerque Police Officer time wouldn’t allow for it. Later I relocated to Dallas Texas and found out a lot of my coworkers were Mason’s, again Masonry began to spark my interest; but now I had two children and a new job, which kept me busy.

In 1985 I returned back to the Chicago area and again was working in a new job, by this time my boys were in high school and into all kinds of sports, which kept me very very busy, again Masonry fell off my radar. By 2002 I realized I was an empty nester, and Masonry came back into my mind and I began to search for any and all information on Freemasonry. As I was driving around Oak Forest one day (September 10 2019) I saw a gentleman cutting the grass at Oak Forest Masonic Lodge #832, It turned out to be Ken Epley the Lodges Worshipful Master.

On September 22 2019 I was interviewed at my home by two Mason’s from the lodge On November 25 2019 I received my 1° On December 9 I took my exam. And I’m currently waiting to receive my 2° and 3° So you see it’s never to late to go for something you thought would begood for you. And at 71 years old I’m looking forward to completing my third degree and become a full Mason and join the ranks of the brotherhood.  I was already a good man but wanted to become a better man and Freemasonry has been paramount in that journey.