Mel Pickens – EA

I became a Mason for several reasons ! One of which was to satisfy a lifelong curiosity about the fraternity! I grew up with a few childhood friends who were in the order of DeMolay as young men and became Masons when they were of lawful age. They would  get dressed up in suites a few times a month  and go to their (secret ) lodge meetings ! They were regular rambunctious young men like every other teenage boy that I knew growing up but, they  carried themselves in more of an erect and upright fashion than most young men their age! Like mini adults! They displayed  qualities and traits that I myself  probably didn’t develop until  later into my twenties.  I was always intrigued and wondered what was done and discussed in those secret meetings lol . As  cliché as it may seem another reason was to better myself as a man. I want to be a better example to my three sons of what a good man should be . Also wanted to be a part of something larger than myself.  I didn’t know much about Freemasonry other than they have meetings and dress-up and that most of the men that I knew to be Freemasons were really good people and all hard workers. I found out a few years ago while attending my grandfather’s funeral, that he  too was a Freemason and that intrigued me even more.  

-Mel Pickens-