On September 26th 2021 Oak Forest Lodge #832 and the honor of welcoming in it’s 2021/2022 Officers:

  • Worshipful Master: Noah J. Kruspe
  • Senior Warden: Herbert A. Ledesma
  • Junior Warden: Thomas G.R. Araujo
  • Treasurer: Timothy P. Cahill
  • Secretary: Granville E. Phillips PM
  • Chaplain: Jerry T. Czahor PM
  • Senior Decon: Francisco C. Juliano
  • Junior Decon: Norman T. Maglalang
  • Senior Steward: John E. Renfus
  • Junior Steward: Mel W. Pickens
  • Marshal: Jerry L. Knox
  • Tyler: Scott Moss

We would like to thank Granville “Gene” Phillips for his tenure as Worshipful Master and welcome in Noah Kruspe as our incoming WM. 2022 Will bring great light into the world of Masonry!! SMIB