We love asking brothers why they chose the path of Masonry, today we will find out why our current Worshipful Master Noah Kruspe knocked at the door of Oak Forest Lodge #832…

The reason why I wanted to join masonry was very personal to me. Personally, I had watched too many movies telling me how the masons secretly ruled the world and I wanted in. I can look back fondly on my ignorance now and chuckle because I have been an active member within my lodge and participated in many of the different appendant bodies or offshoots of masonry long enough where at the end of this year, membership willing, I will be elected the Master of my lodge.
My masonic journey started back in the summer of 2012. I remember clearly driving up to the lodge, anxious for what I was about to encounter not knowing what to expect. I had sent an email off to the grand lodge requesting information about local lodges in my area and was
referred to Oak Forest. When I showed up, they were either having a meeting or doing degree work (can’t remember which, but I felt way under dressed as everyone was suit and tie except myself and two other potential petitioners). I showed up looking for the secrets of the world, and
what I found was a group of friends who brought me and in taught me the masonic tenants of brotherly love, relief and truth. Being a mason has opened up many different potential opportunities for me to better myself, my family and my community through different lessons
taught to me. I was encouraged to broaden my thought processes through education, volunteering within my community and through involving myself with charity work. Masonry isn’t for everyone. Some people only want to have the ability to call themselves a mason. Others, however, take what they are shown to heart and learn to better themselves and truly earn
the right to be called my Brother. To this day I do not regret coming to the door of the lodge, knocking on it and having it opened by a friend whom I later found to be a Brother.