Congratulations to our 2020/2021 Officers

Front Row Left to Right: Noah J Kruspe Senior Warden, Granville E Phillips Worshipful Master, Herbert A Ledesma Junior Warden, John E Renfus Junior Steward. Back Row Left to Right: Scott Sterling As Tyler, Tomas G Araujo Senior Deacon, Timothy P Cahill Treasurer, Francisco C Juliano Junior Deacon, Donald T Sneddon (PM) Chaplain, William M. […]

Thank you Kenneth Epley!

All the Brothers from Oak Forest Lodge #832 would like to thank Past Master Ken Epley for his service as Worshipful Master. Ken provided us with the direction, guidance, and leadership a brother should expect from a Worshipful Master. Ken’s influence on Oak Forest Lodge #832 will be imbedded into our lodge culture for years […]

What made me knock on the door?

There are many curiosities surrounding the craft of Freemasonry so we decided to take a step in order to inform more people about the craft.  We are asking Masonic Brothers to share their experience in what led them to knock on our door, our first is James Lewendowski one of our newest entered apprentices, here […]

Class of 2020

We would like to congratulate all 2020 graduates and let you know our prayers are with you and we truly wish you success on your bright future.  I We know that it is not fair that the full experience of a senior year did not happen, but you will Prevail!